Thief Hall Journal

Top 10 Wedding Logistics You Might Not Think Of

There are so many wedding logistics that you have to think of when planning your wedding, so we thought we’d help you out with some that can get easily forgotten but will massively help you out!

1). SOS Kit

Packing an SOS kit for the two of you before your big day will ensure that you have everything you need for your wedding. This could include a sewing kit, spare comb, spare make-up, spare plasters, spare perfume/aftershave or whatever else you think you might need. Did you know that we keep a spare SOS kit in each of our cottages ready for all of our couples and guests? And our Wedding coordinators carry a bum bag around all day so our couples never have to worry if they’ve forgotten anything!

2). Break in your Wedding Shoes

Breaking in your wedding shoes is sometimes an underrated item on your To Do list before your wedding. However, if you don’t break in your shoes, it could lead to unnecessary pain that could have been easily avoided.  Packing a spare pair of shoes is always a great idea for later in the day too! If your feet aren’t in pain, then you can dance for longer!

3), Getting ready in plenty of time

If you and your bridal party are having hair and make up done, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get into your dresses and for photos on your wedding morning. We always recommend getting ready an hour and a half before your ceremony time. If you’re having a church wedding, this will give you time before you have to leave for the church or if you’re having a civil ceremony, time before the registrars meet with you before the ceremony. This helps to avoid any last-minute rushing and provides a cushion for if anything doesn’t quite go to plan. Anything that helps encourage a calm morning before you walk down the aisle!

4). Reserved Seats at your ceremony

Some couples may choose not to have specified sides for their guests to sit on during the ceremony or church service. But to avoid confusion it may be a good idea to reserve some seats in the front rows of either side for the wedding party and close family members and/or friends.

5). Master of Ceremonies

Make sure you have a Master of Ceremonies before your wedding day. Organising wedding guests can be stressful and a little like herding sheep so making sure you have someone in charge of announcing when dinner is being served or when you are making your big entrance as a newly married couple into your wedding reception is a must to reduce chances of wedding hiccups! Anyone can be your Master of Ceremonies – a member of the wedding party, a family member or friend. Your wedding venue may also organise this detail for you. Here at Thief Hall we will happily take over this role to give you and your wedding guests a break!

6). Confetti Throw

The confetti throw is a favourite photo shot for us at Thief Hall, however it can take some organising! To pull off the perfect shot, you need to make sure that all of your guests have plenty of confetti. Maybe place some in baskets for the guests to pick up as they leave the ceremony room or assign a couple of wedding guests to hand out confetti bags to the other guests. You will then need to ensure that your wedding coordinator and your photographer know that you’re planning a confetti shot so that they can organise the guests into the two rows needed to form the confetti throw. Once this is all in place remember not to walk too fast through the confetti to give the photographer the time to capture the perfect photo.

7). Try all your suits and dresses for one last time

Before arriving at the venue, make sure you have tried your suits and dresses on for a final time. The last thing you want the morning of your wedding is finding that the suit trousers don’t fit, or your dress doesn’t fasten. Consider taking a video during your final fitting if the fastening of your dress is complicated. This way you and whoever is getting you into your dress can remind yourselves how it fastens amidst the getting ready chaos. Also make sure you have all your accessories ready to go as well. Keep all your accessories in one place and have them ready in case you’d like any detail shots from your photographer on the wedding morning.

8). Cake Knife

Make sure you have a cake knife to cut your wedding cake when the time comes or make sure your venue has one that you can borrow. This will save you a last minute panic before the photographer is all set up and ready.

9). Wedding Rehearsal 

Consider a ceremony rehearsal before your wedding. This can help calm any last-minute nerves and answer any questions you both might have before your ceremony. Involve your bridal party so that you can practice walking down the aisle with them, so everyone knows when to walk. You might have a particular point in your walking down the aisle song that you wish to walk down to so it’s a good idea to have a practice just so everyone is happy! Another tip that always helps if you and your bridal party are wearing heels? Wear them during the practice! It will help get the real feel for it and help you figure out what pace is comfortable!

10). Sunset Photos

Your wedding day will fly by so quickly it will sometimes be hard to remember it all after the day is over. This is why your wedding photographs/videos will become so important to you as the best way to relive the memories. One of the best finale photos of any wedding are the sunset photos if the weather is on your side! Have a look at what time the sun will be setting on your wedding day and consider including it in your wedding timeline so that you don’t miss it! Make sure to ask your photographer that they’re happy to stick around until then, particularly if you’re getting married in the summer months, as it can be a late finish for them! We promise it will be worth it though!