Thief Hall Journal

Big End Ceremonies at Thief Hall

Have you been thinking about having your ceremony in the big end of the hall but unsure about logistics? Worried about not being able to decorate your tables or see the breakfast room finished and set up? Well don’t! Big end Ceremonies not only look amazing, but they also work really well on the day and offer that wow factor when the guests see the room transformation. We have created this guide to help you with your decision to see if a big end ceremony is for you!

There are a few things to consider when you are thinking about a big end ceremony.

1. Guest Numbers

As a ceremony room, it is a big room to fill, and so we recommend having a big end ceremony for 50+ guests so that it doesn’t look/ feel too empty and also gives your guests more space to spread out! We can accommodate up to 150 guests in the big end quite comfortably whereas we would always say the maximum for the small end is 100 comfortably, 120 at a push! So ultimately if you’re having a bigger wedding the big end naturally lends itself better for the ceremony.

2. Style

The style you are going for is also a big factor, many love the small end because of the flower wall and all the wall drapes which lend themselves to the overall aesthetic some are looking for. Alternatively, the bigger end gives a more rustic vibe, with the wooden beams and the gorgeous views from all the windows. The big end also gives the bridal party a longer aisle to walk down which can play a part in the decision process.

3. Live Music?

The big end offers more space if you have decided to have live music for when you walk down the aisle. If you are opting for a string quartet or a live band who will require more room, then the big end is perfect, of course a solo musician/ singer will have enough space in both the big and small end of the hall.

So how does a Big End Ceremony Work?

A big end ceremony does require more pre-planning and preparation to enable the transformation to go as smoothly as possible.

During your confetti, group shots and drinks reception, the Thief Hall team will work behind the scenes to transform the ceremony room into the wedding breakfast room (It might also be worth asking your catering team to help during this time too). Many couples opt to use their aisle decorations as their centrepieces which saves them from having to think about and pay for twice the number of flowers/ decorations.

But if your worried because you have envisioned exactly how you want your centerpieces and won’t get to see it all set up then please don’t! Your coordinator will discuss with you exactly how you want your centerpieces to look, we encourage you to send photos of how you want everything set up and we can do a first look with you before we open the room to ensure you are happy with everything! This is the perfect opportunity for a fake cake cut photo!!

TOP TIP- If you have a theme for each table and lots of elements to your centerpieces, we encourage you to box each table up separately that way we are able to make sure the tables have everything on that you want on!

If you are still concerned about how the room change is going to go, you could hire a stylist to finish the decoration aspect of the room change.

What are the advantages of a Big End Ceremony?

The biggest advantage to a big end ceremony is that the small end can be used before the ceremony for guests to mingle and offers an extra space, this is a big advantage for those bigger weddings when the weather isn’t too great! This is also an advantage if it’s too wet to get outside for those group shots as the small end is already empty and ready to facilitate those photos! We can shut the curtains across and continue with the behind-the-scenes room change and the guests are none the wiser!

If you are wanting any extra entertainment such as an air hockey table or photobooth in the small end, then these can already be set up in the morning or even the day before meaning you’re not having to worry about suppliers dropping things off / setting up during your wedding reception.

Whatever you decide whether that be having your ceremony in the big end or the small end, the room change will all go smoothly, and you and your guests won’t be aware of the behind the scenes work that goes on. It will still offer the wow moment when the room has completely changed and a wonderful surprise to see everything all set up how you had visioned it!