Thief Hall Journal

Bess’s Bridle Suite – Our new makeup room!

Welcome to Bess’s bridle suite. 

Here at Thief Hall we’ve been busy behind the scenes with upgrades and renovations, including our new makeup room! 


We know how important it is that you have a calming sanctuary to get ready in on the morning of your wedding. Our makeup room provides just that, creating a luxurious space to relax with your bridal party. Here you can listen to your favourite music, enjoy a glass of prosecco, chat, laugh and maybe even share a few happy tears with your nearest and dearest. 

Thief Hall got its name from the road that it is located on, Thief Hole Lane. Local rumour suggests that the A168 was once the main road from London to Edinburgh. This road runs right past Thornton Le Moor, the village where Thief Hall is Located. At this time Thirsk and Northallerton were used as resting towns. The thieves took advantage of this location and would hide in the large hole at the end of the road, ready and waiting to hold up any coaches that passed. This is where the name Thief Hole Lane comes from. 

Thief Hall itself was originally renovated from barns that held sheep. The cottages on site opened in 2009 and from there we now have Turpin, Fawkes, Bateman Byre, Millington, Thief Hole Barn and Swift Nick, keeping in theme with the local history. The hall itself was restored in 2015 to make the stunning venue that is Thief Hall today. Since then there have been many additions, most recently this year when we created our new orangery and of course, Bess’s bridle suite. 

The name ‘Bess’s bridle suite’ comes from Dick Turpin’s horse Black Bess that he was famously believed to had rode from London to York in less than 24 hours, although contrary to belief it was actually John Nevison or ‘Swift Nick’ who did so. All of our accommodation at Thief Hall is named after villains and highwaymen, so when we held a competition for the name on our social media, we knew that the suggestion of Bess’s bridle suite suited the makeup room perfectly. 

We absolutely loved the play on words with Bess’s bridle suite and the fact that the makeup room is also a bridal suite. The link between the name and the many horseshoe features we have around the Thief Hall is very fitting, especially given that Jess herself once show jumped horses professionally.

Bess’s bridle suite was built with the purpose of being a makeup room so with that in mind we made it an orangery. This allows the room to flood with natural light making it feel bright and airy which makes it perfect lighting to do your make up in. 

When decorating Bess’s bridle suite, we decided to stay in keeping with the rest of the venue whilst bringing a glamourous element into the room. We kept the exposed brick wall and joined it to the modern wall panelling, with a stunning feature at the centre made for Thief Hall by Yvonne Dennis. The space is neutral with gold, dusty pink and cream features throughout so that no matter the shade of your bridesmaids’ dresses or bouquets you can get stunning photos where your colour scheme fits in harmony with the background. 

As beautiful as the sanctuary that Bess’s bridle suite is, we still had to make sure it had all of the practical components needed to create the perfect room to get ready in. We have thought of every detail to help make your day run smoothly for you. 
When your makeup artist and hair stylist arrive in the morning they can park right outside of the suite and they will be given a key code in advance for access. This means that you can stay tucked up in bed whilst they let themselves in to set up.
When it comes to you and your bridal party, there is a tea and coffee cart to help you and your bridal party wake up even with the early morning start, heat safe appliance holders for your straighteners or curlers, gold ceiling bars where you can hang your dress and everything else you could possibly need down to USB charging ports, hairspray, nail files and safety pins. 

Bess’s bridle suite is the ideal place for photo opportunities. Whether that’s getting the professional shots with your photographer or making TikToks with your wedding coordinator, the area is a stunning backdrop with plenty of space for even the biggest of bridal parties ( ) .It is also a spectacular place to have your first looks with bridesmaids, parents, your other half or anyone else that is special to you.