Thief Hall Journal

A venue coordinator or wedding coordinator?

Every couple who books a wedding is different; their needs, wants and personalities vary compared with every other engaged couple. Due to this, each couple will find that the level of help and guidance they need throughout their wedding journey varies too. When booking your wedding venue, it might be worth considering checking with your venue to understand if they offer wedding coordination or simply venue coordination. Some venues simply offer the venue and a slightly simpler package in terms of support and coordination. Other venues are more hands on and offer more help and advice throughout your wedding planning. You might also find that bringing in an independent wedding coordinator to help with your planning might be more suited to you both. There is no right or wrong option, you and your partner should find what works for you both. We’re here to show you that it’s also possible to find a venue who offers a wedding coordinator level of support and more!

Planning meetings

From the moment you book with us, we now arrange a planning meeting. We use these meetings to explore what options you might like when booking your suppliers or what décor you’d like to go for. We can also help you create a draft timeline. You might not have any idea on what time you’d like to get married or what time you should invite your evening guests to arrive.  These initial planning meetings are there to calm your nerves and help you to channel all your wedding excitement into making your wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

Contacting your suppliers

With so many elements involved in a wedding, it is likely that you’re going to have a fair few suppliers to keep track of. In the last few weeks/days before your wedding, those suppliers will need to know all the final details that will pull your wedding together. It’s always important to us that the team (both venue and suppliers) looking after your wedding work together to make sure your wedding flows smoothly. To help with this, we will contact your suppliers to make sure they are happy and have all the details they need to make sure that you and your partner can relax knowing everything is in hand before your suppliers arrive at the venue.

Shepherding Guests

When guests have been invited to a wedding, they are there to enjoy themselves; to eat, drink and party. The last thing anyone wants at a wedding is to be frogmarched in for their meal or to watch the first dance like they’re back at school. However, they do need to be in certain places at certain times to ensure a wedding day flows without missing anything out. That’s where we come in. The last thing you, your partner or your wedding party want on your wedding day is to try and organise a large group of hungry, possibly/probably tipsy guests from A to B. You are all there to enjoy the day too, so we are there to gently shepherd your guests to where they need to be.

Keeping track of your timeline

As mentioned, before your wedding, we will sit down with you and put together a timeline to ensure every element you have planned happens at the right time. A timeline helps to ensure you walk down the aisle on time or that your speeches don’t overrun. They are also there on the day to keep an eye on the timeline and make sure that everything runs to time as planned. They help to avoid any hiccups such as evening entertainment being unable to set up as day guests are still eating, or to keep an eye on the sunset to help your photographer get that incredible shot of you both. Another way to make sure that you and your partner aren’t having to clock watch yourselves and can fully embrace the day.

Getting you down the aisle on time

Imagine the morning of your wedding. You and your bridal party are getting ready, enjoying a drink or some breakfast before having your hair and makeup done. Your favourite songs are playing to get rid of any last-minute nerves before heading down the aisle. You want to maintain this level of excitement and calmness right up until your big moment. Not everyone realises but if you’ve opted for a civil ceremony, the registrars will meet with you both before the ceremony to confirm the details for your marriage certificate.  This is where we come in. We will add this into your timeline and on the day, save your bridal party from clock watching and make sure that you and your fiancé are ready on time and have everything you need. We will ensure you have had all your morning photos taken and are in the right place at the right time to meet with your registrars. They will then help guide you and your bridal party into position ready for walking down the aisle.

Remembering those little bits

It’s hard to remember every little thing you and your bridal party are going to need on your wedding day. Safety pins to keep a dress strap in position, sewing kits to sew up a button on a groomsmen’s shirt, super glue to fix a shoe strap. It’s impossible for you to be prepared for every scenario and that’s where your coordinator comes in. We’ve seen it all and we have anything and everything in our ever so helpful bumbags so you don’t have to pack them!

Table Plan

Every couple will find that there are always complications with your table plan. Last minute additions/dropouts or new dietary requirements that need updating. We will liaise with your caterer to make sure this is all taken care of. We will make sure that everyone is considered and that everyone has a seat at the correct table. We’ll even step in and help you find places for even the most awkward guests if need be!


Every wedding has it’s own personal touch when it comes to décor. Some more simple, some more decadent – whatever your style, we are there to make your vision comes to life. We will be as hands off or on as you want us to be, but we will always go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding looks the way you wanted it to. Even if you’re décor needs moving or putting in place after the ceremony to change the room for your reception, we will look after this, so you don’t have to worry about this and make sure that everything is where it needs to be.


Not everyone opts for live music during their wedding day. Sometimes couples prefer to use our sound system and a choice of playlists which is no problem at all. We will make sure your music selection is played at the right time whether its for your walk down the aisle or your first dance as a newly married couple. If there’s a particular time you’d like to walk down to, we’ll even do a practice run through or dance rehearsal with you and your bridal party to make sure you’re happy with your music.

Going above and Beyond

No matter what you’d like for your wedding, our team will always go one step further to make sure you, your guests and your suppliers are looked after. Getting to know your friends and family so that they feel special too. Making sure your suppliers are fed and watered. Providing sun cream for you and your guests to make sure don’t burn in the summer sun. Making sure you have a cake knife ready for your cake cut. Fluffing your dress or straightening your tie to make sure you look picture perfect all day long on your big day. All of this along with so many other elements that we’ll keep secret for our couples go into making sure your big day is everything you could have dreamed of and more!