Thief Hall Journal

7 reasons to book a midweek wedding…

1 – Cost

Are you struggling to find the perfect balance between splashing out on your dream wedding and having enough for that idyllic honeymoon? Mid-week weddings are here to get you the best of both worlds. Venues aren’t as expensive and accommodation is also cheaper so even your guests will save money. The extra bit of money you’ll save can go a long way towards your honeymoon, a new house together as a married couple or even towards an added sparkle on your wedding dress.

2 – Availability

 Sometimes planning a wedding can seem like a nightmare. There’s the venue to think of, the flowers, the dress and an endless list with things to organise. Then your favourite suppliers could already be booked up. Have no fear! Mid-week weddings are the answer you have been looking for! You can get those dream details after all. Suppliers aren’t as busy during the week so your chance to book them is far higher. What’s more, suppliers aren’t as rushed during the week meaning a better quality service JUST FOR YOU!

3 – A day off work

Another added bonus of tying the knot during the week is that everyone gets a day off work. Your guests can look forward to an exciting day away from the office and with beautiful accommodation here at Thief Hall, they’ll even be able to turn it into a mini staycation!

4 – Intimacy

Some venues often pack several weddings into one weekend. This can feel like you’re being rushed on the most important day of your life. After spending months and months preparing everything, bossy venues are the last thing you want. Venues are less hectic during the week, meaning you can relax, enjoy and run the day exactly how you want to.

5 – Longer celebrations

Are you finding you’ve got so many weddings plans but just too little time? Having a wedding in the week means that you never need to compromise on any of those plans. Why not even spread out the celebrations and celebrate for the entire week!

6 – The perfect date

The possibility of getting hitched in the week means a better chance to choose perfect date for your wedding. Anniversaries, birthdays or even the date you first met – anything is possible.

7 – New trend

Statistics from websites like show that more and more couples are beginning to see the endless advantages of getting wed in the week. Here at Thief Hall, we are determined to help you get the very best of your wedding. We offer mid-week weddings designed around you and your every need.

If you live in the surrounding areas of Darlington, Harrogate, Ripon, Thirsk, York or anywhere in North Yorkshire then Thief Hall is a beautiful wedding venue in a rural location and beautiful views.