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Out with the Old Wedding Traditions

Weddings have been around for centuries and there are so many old fashioned traditions that are still included today.  There will be so many times during your wedding planning that you will be told, “It’s your day, do whatever makes the two of you happy”, however you’ll still find yourself wanting to stick to the old traditions to please other people. Here are some traditions that we say you don’t have to stick to if you don’t want to.

A Child Free Wedding

Who to invite to your wedding can always be a minefield. One question which comes up with a lot of couples is whether to invite children to their wedding. It can be very hard not to upset parents but equally you may not wish children to be part of your wedding. Some couples dislike the idea of children crying or talking during the ceremony and speeches, or running around during the first dance. And if this is you, then know that it is absolutely fine not to invite children to your wedding. You may prefer to invite only certain children i.e. immediate family or godchildren however you shouldn’t feel forced to invite them if you would prefer your wedding to be an adults only party.

Changing your name

Traditionally, when a woman married, she usually took her groom’s last name and her maiden name became a name of the past. Nowadays, there are many couples choosing to leave this tradition in the past instead. Some couples are deciding to mix it up and swap it around and the groom is taking his bride’s surname. Alternatively some couples are choosing to double barrel their surnames or blend them together entirely. Whatever you decide to do, know that you don’t always have to go with the traditional.

Staying together the night before the wedding

Traditionally, couples have chosen to spend the night before their wedding apart. Not seeing each other until they meet at the end of the aisle is becoming a tradition that some couples are choosing to go without. For some couples, their wedding day can be a nerve wracking situation and they would prefer to spend their wedding eve together to help calm their nerves. Some couples might prefer to spend their last night together and get excited before their wedding day. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some time together after all the wedding planning and relax and enjoy each other’s company before the madness of the wedding starts.

Getting ready without your wedding party

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t always have to get ready with your bridal party. While many enjoy the getting ready excitement, some can find it overwhelming and would prefer to get ready on their own. Or alternatively you could choose to get ready with your fiancé and even walk down the aisle together. Whatever is going to help reduce those last minute nerves is the best option for you on your wedding day.

First Look Photos together before you walk down the aisle

You might decide to spend your wedding eve apart but then decide that you want to enjoy that moment when you both see each other before your ceremony in private. It’s untraditional but you could get your photographer involved and ask them to capture that first look between the two of you in your dress/suits. It can create a wonderful memory for the two of you. You could even choose to exchange private vows together and enjoy that moment privately before you get up in front of all your friends and family.

Not Providing Transport for your guests

Some guests expect the couples to provide transport for them if the couple choose to have their ceremony at another venue to the reception. This should not be the case. Arranging transport can be logistically tricky, trying to arrange all the guests to be in one place at the same time in order for them all to be picked up and taken to the venue can be a nightmare. Equally you might find that one coach for example might not be big enough to transport all of your guests. This could either mean paying for two coaches which your budget might not stretch to or the same coach making two trips which could affect your timeline. You may need to allow more time for your guests and some guests might have to arrive particularly early in order to get on the first coach depending on the time of your ceremony/reception. It might be an easier decision for yourselves and your guests for your guests to make their own way to the venue.

Speeches Before your Meal

At many weddings, speeches are usually given after your meal. However, some couples would prefer to have their speeches before their guests eat. This can help the guests giving speeches enjoy their meal if they’re feeling nervous about their speech as it gets it out of the way for them. It can also help avoid losing guests to the toilets or going to the bar as they’re already seated and ready.

Alternative Meal Ideas

Food Vans are a fairly new concept to wedding day meal alternatives. Breaking away from the more traditional sit down meal, couples are choosing street food van style meal options and it’s creating a new laid back style to weddings. While they are so popular, consider using them for your evening food rather than your wedding breakfast. Generally, food vans aren’t capable of serving 70+ guests all at once as is required for a wedding breakfast. They work a lot better with a gradual flow of guests which is why they work so well as an evening food option. Day guests aren’t usually hungry straight away in the evening so will usually come to the van in smaller groups after the evening guests have eaten. It acts for a much smoother way of serving compared to a food van serving day food which can result in long queues while your guests wait for their food to be cooked. There are other alternative wedding breakfast ideas which work really well and break away from tradition. BBQ Buffets, Sharing Boards, Roast Dinners carved by a nominated guest at each table can create fun, alternative meal ideas which are real crowd pleasers.

Wedding Cake as Dessert

Following your sit down dinner, dessert is often served as the final course in a traditional meal. However, you could consider cutting your wedding cake earlier and serving your cake as your dessert. It could save some extra money for you and you’d know that your wedding cake is definitely going to be eaten rather than wasted. You’ve spent time choosing a cake that’s perfect for your wedding, it would be a shame for it not to be enjoyed by all your guests too!