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How to get the best from your wedding photos

Your wedding photos are something you will hopefully treasure for the rest of your lives together as they will help to create the memories of your wedding day alive. Because of this it’s so important to so many couples that their photos capture their wedding day in the best way. Here are some tips on how to get the best from your wedding photos

1 – Do your research

Now you are engaged or maybe even before this, you will start researching suppliers to get an idea of what you would like your their wedding. If you are wanting to hire a photographer, it is always a good idea to research them too. This will give you the obvious factors to consider such as price, location, communication with their couples. But it will also give you an idea on the style of their photos and whether they suit yours and your fiancé’s style too.

2 – Photo Keepsakes

At the researching stage, you could also ask your photographer what options are available in their packages. Considering how you would like your photos to be displayed/kept. Do you want to be able to physically look through your photos after the wedding? It might be worth asking your photographer how much they charge for an album. Would you like digital copies to send on to family and friends easily – is this something your photographer can do?

3 – Trial Photo Shoot

It might be worth asking your photographer for a pre-wedding trial shoot. This gives you a chance to see if you’re both comfortable both with your photographer and with each other in front of the camera. Not many couples have had professional photos taken before and it is a lot different posing for your friends with their smartphone. Having the trial shoot can help you both to relax in front of the camera so it’s not new on your wedding day. This will help your photographer to get the best photos of you both. The photos from the trial shoot will also help you to see if you like the way your photographer takes photos of the two of you and the way they edit their photos.

4 – Book your trial shoot at your venue

If possible, try and book your trial shoot to take place at your wedding venue. If your photographer hasn’t worked at the venue before, it gives them a chance to familiarise themselves with the venue and the surroundings. This will give them ideas for where the best photo opportunities are and this will then save them time on the day trying to work out where to set up the best photos.

5 – List of photos you’d like to be taken

If you are wanting particular photos with friends or family members, send a list to your photographer so they know how many to expect. It also helps to put your list into an order. For example, if you know you are wanting photos with both sides of your bridal party, you could make sure that you get all the photos with them first and then move onto all your side of the family/friends then all your fiancé’s side of the family/friends. This takes up less time in the day and it saves any of your guests standing around waiting. Let your photographer know if you are wanting a big group shot with all your guests in. Your photographer will need to find an area big enough to fit all your guests into the camera lens. They will also need to organise your guests into position and if you have a large group of guests, this can take some doing and might need extra time.

6 – Assign someone to help with the group shots

Most of the time your photographer doesn’t know your guests. If you have a member of the bridal party or friend/family member who will know the guests needed for the group shots, ask them to help round people up. It might be worth having a couple of helpers, perhaps one from each side of the family. This way it should help with the flow of the photos and then you can ask your required guests to come for their photo when they’re needed. This way they’re not hovering and waiting around while all your other group photos are taken. Your helpers might also be able to assist your photographer to rally the guests for any bigger group shots you may be wanting.

7 – Research photo styles

Your photographer will always come prepared with photo angles and positions to make the two of you look your best. However, it never hurts to have a look yourself for the style of photos you’d like of the two of you together. There might be certain photos you’d love to replicate. Or sometimes there are items that you’d like to ensure your photographer captures such as dress or suit detailing, a pocket watch or jewellery handed down through generations. There might be certain moments you’d like capturing as well such as that first glimpse of each other as you walk down the aisle, the speeches or your first dance. Send them all to your photographer and it can help them to ensure your day is captured in the way you wanted.

8 – Photo props

Some photographers love to use props or backdrops for their photos, so it is always worth checking if they include any in their packages. Have a look around as you might also find that you want to include a prop of some sorts to create that “wow” picture. Light effects, smoke bombs, sparklers or even fireworks could all add to stunning pictures. (Always check with your venue as well to make sure they are happy for you to use extra props like these).

9 – Daylight timing

The time of year you get married can affect the photos you get. With British weather, you can rarely depend on it, however if you are getting married in January, in theory, you are more likely to have a wet day than you might in August. This absolutely fine as there are still plenty of opportunities to get stunning pictures (even in the rain), but it is just something to be aware of. Equally if you envision springtime backdrops with lots of florals, you aren’t likely to get photos of these if you’re getting married in September. Make sure you’ve had a look at the kind of backdrops/scenery you are likely to get at the time of year you will be getting married in.

Equally the time of year can affect the amount of daylight you have for your photos. If you are getting married in the winter, you aren’t going to have as much time for outside photos before the sun sets. It could be worth looking at doing your couple or even your group shots before your ceremony to give that extra bit of daylight time. If this is not an option, there are always so many beautiful indoor/evening shots that your photographer can capture to make up for lack of daylight.

10 – Enjoy your day!

No matter how much planning or advice you take on regarding your photos, what will be, will be. Trust in your photographer, they know what they’re doing, and they will make sure they get the shots you’re wanting. Whether that’s laid back and natural or styled and posed, the photos you receive from your photographer and your friends and family will all capture your incredible wedding day and give you memories to hold onto forever.